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Effortlessly Create an Amazing Compilation Video Gift

It Works Like Magic

  1. Step 1   Collect

    Get a link for people to record a video and a personalized invitation to share.

  2. Step 2 Organize

    Automatically collect the videos people record, select the ones you want, and organize them in the order you choose.

  3. Step 3 Share

    We make it easy to compile the videos together and then generate a link for you to deliver a video gift they will be excited to receive.


Collect and compile videos to create a memorable gift.

It’s never been easier to create your video gift.

The Old, Hard Way

Ask people to record a video, send it to you or upload it to a YouTube account and send you its link. Become a YouTube Premium member to legally download YouTube videos made public. Compile the videos together using video editing software. Email your final video or upload it to YouTube and share a link.

The New Way

Start by personalizing an invitation we'll provide. Send a link for people to easily click and record a video. During or after recording, each video will be uploaded automatically. View and arrange them all in your dashboard page online or in your app. Optionally download the finished video or share a link we'll create.

Which is Best for You?

Small Group

$4.99 USD
  • Collect up to 5 Videos
  • 5Gb of storage

Medium Group

$19.99 USD
  • Collect up to 20 videos
  • 20Gb of storage

Large Group

49.99 USD
  • Collect up to 50 videos
  • 50Gb storage


Cost + 10% USD
  • Collect unlimited videos*
  • Unlimited storage*
*Amazon AWS and Google Firebase limitations and restrictions may apply.